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Handy, C. (1998).  The Age of Unreason.
"Care is not a word to be found in many organizational textbooks, or in books on learning theory, but it should be." (p. 232)
Hanson, D. S. (1996).  A Place to Shine: Emerging from the Shadows at Work.
"After thirty years of practicing the art of leadership and listening to the students in my classes talk about their work, I have concluded that in order to shine in our work, we must be given the opportunity to love as well as to work. And both in the same place. We need to feel that we have the freedom to create, to develop our special gifts in ways that are unique to our calling. But we must also be given the opportunity to connect our gifts with others, to feel that our gifts, and thus our very selves, are confirmed by others who care about us."
Goleman, D. (2006).  Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships.
"In a survey of employees at seven hundred companies, the majority said that a caring boss was more important to them than how much they earned." (p. 280)
Rath, T. (2006).  Vital Friends: the people you can't afford to live without.
"Undoubtedly, there are thousands of managers in the workplace who have no business bearing the responsibility for developing other people. Most of us have had a boss like this at one point or another. They make you miserable, less productive, and even diminish your physical health. But we have also found thousands of exceptional managers who have the opposite effect, and they have something in common: These great managers care about each of their employees as a real human being, not just a means to an end." (p. 63)

See also: compassion, empathy, understanding, supportiveness

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  • Concept: caring
    • preferred: caring
    • definition: feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others; "caring friends"
    • related: compassion
    • related: empathy
    • related: understanding
    • related: supportiveness
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