A Place to Shine: Emerging from the Shadows at Work

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Title A Place to Shine: Emerging from the Shadows at Work
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 1996
Authors Hanson, D. S.
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Keywords caring, creativity, freedom, gifts, leadership, love, psychic cancer, retribution, work-life integration
Notes caring"After thirty years of practicing the art of leadership and listening to the students in my classes talk about their work, I have concluded that in order to shine in our work, we must be given the opportunity to love as well as to work. And both in the same place. We need to feel that we have the freedom to create, to develop our special gifts in ways that are unique to our calling. But we must also be given the opportunity to connect our gifts with others, to feel that our gifts, and thus our very selves, are confirmed by others who care about us."
psychic cancer"Unfortunately much of what we have been busy doing to fix our organizations have been surface cures. The cancer I am talking about has deeper roots. l am talking about a cancer that eats away at the very soul of our organizations: the relationships between people, their work, the people they work with, and purposes beyond the immediate. The cure for this cancer requires more than a quick-fix program. It calls for new relationships and a change of heart." (p. xii)
retribution"In the early 70s Rory O'Day shocked his readers with an article in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (O'Day, 1974). His research revealed a pattern of behaviors used by middle managers of large organizations to put down reformers who were perceived to be threats to the system or the career of the manager involved. O'Day called them intimidation rituals. The overriding concerns of these loyal managers were twofold. The fist concern was to control the reformer so that he or she was not successful at recruiting support. The second concern was to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing in the matter."
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