Weaving complexity and business: engaging the soul at work

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Title Weaving complexity and business: engaging the soul at work
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2001
Authors Lewin, R., & Regine B.
Number of Pages 356
Publisher Texere
Keywords caring, relationships, teams

Weaving Complexity and Business brings business people a new way of thinking about and working in the new economy, one that draws on the new science of complexity, which recognizes that business organizations are complex adaptive systems, in which people are crucial but unpredictable factors in their development. It offers managers and companies a deeper understanding of the organizational dynamics of today’s fast-paced/changing business environment both within companies and among them. Moreover, the book outlines a new theory of business that places human-oriented management practices under a theoretical umbrella of complexity science. The book also contains detailed case studies of successful UK and US companies that have embraced the principles of complexity science.

Notes relationships"How then do we begin to generate caring and connected relationships at work? We begin with awareness. We begin by being aware of the world of relationships and by paying as much attention to these micro dynamics in organizations--how they influence social processes and psychological health of individuals--as we currently do to macro issues, such as economic performance and strategies." (p. 305) teams"The best way to develop a team-based way of working is to just find out what the employees do best and make sure they're aligned with the vision. Are their needs being met and a part of the flow? Are the employees valued?" (p. 230) care"What is the soul at work? In complex adaptive systems, how we interact and the kinds of relationships we form has everything to do with what kind of culture emerges, has everything to do with the emergence of creativity, productivity, and innovation. When more interactions are care-full rather than care-less in an organization, a community of care and connection develops, creating space for the soul at work to emerge." (p. 15)
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