Managing Up! : 59 Ways to Build a Career-Advancing Relationship with Your Boss

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Title Managing Up! : 59 Ways to Build a Career-Advancing Relationship with Your Boss
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2000
Authors Dobson, M. S., & Dobson D. S.
Publisher AMACOM
Keywords false self, group, group exclusivity, office friendships
Notes false self"It's obvious that you do bring elements of your true self to the job environment, though some bring more than others. But you aren't and can't be completely be your true self at work." (p. 73) office friendships"In the same way the savvy professional quickly learns that office parties aren't parties, make sure you are aware that office friendships aren't friendships, except in rare cases. The proof is when you think about your previous jobs. How many of those people do you still see? Don't be upset that they're not calling you; you probably aren't calling them, either. Your relationship depended in large part on the shared experience and environment of the workplace, and when that ceases, the relationship quickly evaporates. Your real friends are the ones whose continuing relationship doesn't depend on punching the same time clock." (p. 73) group exclusivity"The use of clubs, sports, and other special interests is a traditional way for the 'old boy network' to exclude others. If exclusive clubs were simply about some people who wanted to play golf or tennis together or have a drink with friends, few would care. But they're not--or at least they're not about that alone. They're about who gets to be part of the informal networking that shapes a significant amount of access to the higher socioeconomic reaches of American life." (p. 168)
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