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Cox, A. M. (2003).  I Am Never Lonely: A brief history of employee personality testing.
"So personality tests aren't really about you: they're about money. If you lie on a personality test to get a job, it means that you understand that a job, a salary, is worth submerging your own self for."
Laing, R. D. (1965).  The Divided Self.
Fromm, E. (1994).  Escape From Freedom.

See also: psychic prison, alienation, deception, conformity, organizational ideal, identity, integrity

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Concept Scheme: business culture/management vocabulary

URI: business culture/management vocabulary


  • Concept: false_self
    • preferred: false self
    • alternate: pseudo self
    • alternate: false identity
    • alternate: pretense
    • definition: the act of giving a false appearance; "his conformity was only pretending"
    • related: psychic_prison
    • related: alienation
    • related: deception
    • related: conformity
    • related: organizational_ideal
    • closeMatch:
    • keyword-194
    • antonym: identity
    • antonym: integrity
    • linked content:
      • sense: feigning
      • sense: pretence
      • sense: pretending
      • sense: pretense
      • sense: simulation
      • pretense
      • in scheme:
      • gloss: the act of giving a false appearance; "his conformity was only pretending"
      • hyponym of:
      • synset id: 100754956
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