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Marrone, J., & Golowka E. (1999).  If work makes people with mental illness sick, what do unemployment, poverty, and social isolation cause?. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. 23(2),  Abstract
"The support needed and provided by co-workers can elevate the employment experience from one of familiar isolation to one of relatedness and comfort. Individuals come to work because of the people with whom they work, not just for the job that needs to be done."
Dobson, M. S., & Dobson D. S. (2000).  Managing Up! : 59 Ways to Build a Career-Advancing Relationship with Your Boss.
"In the same way the savvy professional quickly learns that office parties aren't parties, make sure you are aware that office friendships aren't friendships, except in rare cases. The proof is when you think about your previous jobs. How many of those people do you still see? Don't be upset that they're not calling you; you probably aren't calling them, either. Your relationship depended in large part on the shared experience and environment of the workplace, and when that ceases, the relationship quickly evaporates. Your real friends are the ones whose continuing relationship doesn't depend on punching the same time clock." (p. 73)
Rath, T. (2006).  Vital Friends: the people you can't afford to live without.
"All employees deserve a manager whom they can truly call a friend, or at least a manager who cares about their general well-being. The bottom line is that we spend roughly 50% more time with our customers, coworkers, and bosses than we do with our friends, significant others, children, and other relatives combined. If you want to be happier and more engaged at work, consider developing a few strong friendships at the office, maybe even one with your boss." (p. 63)

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