The Anxiety Book

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Title The Anxiety Book
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2003
Authors Davidson, J.
Publisher Riverhead Hardcover
Keywords compassion, positiveness, rationality, relationships, security, stress, trust, truth, weakness
Notes compassion"Have compassion for yourself and others. Rational responses should not only be more truthful than core negative thoughts, but also be kinder. When you magnify your own weaknesses, your cognitions become skewed toward disaster because you don't believe in your ability to handle stress or challenge. When you magnify the weaknesses (or dark sides) of other people, your relationships are characterized by mistrust, and you'll never feel safe in the world. You don't have to expunge awareness of your own imperfections, or whitewash the fact that people can be malevolent, in order to cultivate compassion. A compassionate worldview acknowledges all our multifaceted complexity but is purposely skewed toward the positive: You look for the good in yourself as well as in others." (p. 98)