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Alessandra, T. (1993).  Communicating at Work.
Basics of conflict resolution include: supportiveness, positiveness, equality. "POSITIVENESS—Try to identify areas of agreement and emphasize those. Look at the conflict as a way to better understand the entire situation and to possibly find a new and better solution. Be positive about the other person and your relationship. Express your commitment to finding a resolution that works for everyone."
Norem, J. (2008).  The Positive Power Of Negative Thinking. 252. Abstract
"Precisely because the positivity zeitgeist is so strong and compelling, we need to work to reframe the oversimplified picture that equates optimism with all that is good and pessimism with all that is evil. Addressing the positive power of negative thinking will expose, and encourage us to explore, some of the assumptions we make about positive thinking—and even some of the costs of optimism, which we may underestimate or fail to notice."

See also: encouragement

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  • Concept: positiveness
    • preferred: positiveness
    • definition: the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome
    • related: encouragement
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      • sense: advantageousness
      • sense: favorableness
      • sense: favourableness
      • sense: positiveness
      • sense: positivity
      • sense: profitableness
      • favorableness
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      • gloss: the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome
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      • synset id: 105160796
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