Managerial and organizational reality: stories of life and work

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Title Managerial and organizational reality: stories of life and work
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2003
Authors Frost, P. J., Nord W. R., & Krefting L. A.
Publisher Pearson Education
Keywords compassion, groupthink, mobbing, submissiveness
Notes mobbing"Defamation attempts to cut the reformer off from a potentially sympathetic following by attributing his attempts at reform to questionable motives, underlying psychopathology, or gross incompetence. This three-pronged attack is meant to blackmail the reformer into submission and to transform a sympathetic following into a mistrustful crowd of onlookers or an angry mob that feels resentful at having been deceived by the reformer." (p. 331, Rory O'Day)
groupthink"Jerry Harvey calls this the Abilene Paradox. He found that people often don't voice their independent thoughts because they want to please others. The need to please blocks the truth. The reason is partly our cultural predisposition to conform. People want approval and hence fail to listen to or act spontaneously on the subtle voice within." (p. 209, Richard L. Daft and Robert H. Lengel)
submissiveness"Thus, although narsistic leaders often say that they want teamwork, what that means in practice is that they want a group of yes-men. As the more indepedent-minded players leave or are pushed out, succession becomes a particular problem." (p. 286, Michael Maccoby)
compassion"At the core of compassion is the idea that in some way one is moved by someone else's pain and acts to connect with the person to signal that one cares." (p. 420, Peter J. Frost, Jane E. Dutton, Monica C. Worline, and Annette Wilson)