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Galos, J. - B., & McIntosh S. (1997).  Firing back: power strategies for cutting the best deal when you're about to lose your job.
"The employer-employee relationship has always been a kind of devil's bargain in which the employer offers financial and social comfort in return for your soul. In this case, your soul consists of a good amount of your autonomy and personal responsibility." (p. 210)
Mead, R. (2005).  International management: cross-cultural dimensions.
"Middle management often feels threatened by lower level autonomy." (p. 132)
Robbins, S. P. (1996).  Organizational Behavior: Concepts, Controversies, Applications.
"In a recent poll, when workers were asked what they valued most in a job, 64 percent gave the highest rating to 'ability to work independently.' That even beat out 'high income' and 'chances for promotion.'"
Fukuyama, F. (1995).  Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity.
"Workers whose work rules were not rigidly defined but were instead allowed to make their own decisions about the production process turned out to be both more productive and better satisfied with their jobs. Workers under these conditions showed considerable interest in helping one another and created their own system of leaders and mutual support if left to themselves." (p. 230)

See also: freedom, individuality, conformity

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  • Concept: autonomy
    • preferred: autonomy
    • alternate: independence
    • definition: immunity from arbitrary exercise of authority: political independence
    • related: freedom
    • related: individuality
    • closeMatch:
    • keyword-179
    • antonym: conformity
    • linked content:
      • sense: autonomy
      • sense: liberty
      • autonomy
      • in scheme:
      • gloss: immunity from arbitrary exercise of authority: political independence
      • hyponym of:
      • synset id: 113992514
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