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Title Management
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 1989
Authors Stoner, J. A. F., & Freeman R. E.
Publisher Longman Higher Education
Keywords appraisal, creativity, fulfillment, involvement, motivation, performance, power, stress
Notes power"Rosabeth Kanter has argued that power can easily become institutionalized. Those whom others believe to possess power seem to find it easier to influence other people around them--and thus to garner even more genuine power. By the same token, 'powerlessness' is a difficult condition to overcome." (p. 306)
motivation"The job itself can be made intrinsically motivating. If jobs are designed to fulfill some of the higher needs of employees (such as independence or creativity), they can be motivating in themselves. This implication is obviously the basis of many job enrichment programs; however, those individuals who do not desire enriched jobs should not be made to take them." (p. 448)
stress"People who feel that they are not involved in decisions that influence their jobs experience relatively high levels of stress." (p. 738)
appraisal"Having one's performance evaluated can be very stressful, especially when it affects one's job and income." (p. 738)