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Gardner, J. (1961).  Excellence.
"What we are suggesting is that every institution in our society should contribute to the fulfillment of the individual. Every institution must, of course, have its own purposes and preoccupations, but over and above everything else that it does, it should be prepared to answer this question posed by society: "What is the institution doing to foster the development of the individuals within it?" (p. 142)
Hochheiser, R. M. (1998).  Its a Job Not a Jail: How to Break Your Shackles When You Cant Afford to Quit.
"What hurt me most was believing that my problem was caused by rotten bosses instead of by a stubborn me. Had I not been so bullheaded, I might have realized that although I would have preferred bosses that left me alone, what I really thirsted for was respect, fulfillment, and the opportunity to do work of which I could be proud." (p. 28)

See also: career, growth, happiness

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  • Concept: fulfillment
    • preferred: fulfillment
    • definition: a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires
    • related: career
    • related: growth
    • related: happiness
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      • sense: fulfillment
      • sense: fulfilment
      • fulfillment
      • in scheme:
      • gloss: a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires
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      • synset id: 107532112
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