All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity

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Title All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2006
Authors Fuller, R. W.
Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Keywords dignity, questioning, rank
Notes questioning"A fundamental characteristic of a healthy work culture is that everyone, regardless of rank, exhibits a questioning attitude. The freedom to challenge any action, any condition, and any assertion cannot be maintained in an environment laced with rankism. Only by continually demonstrating respect for all opinions and those who hold them will an environment be maintained in which a spirit of inquiry can thrive." (p. 54)
rank"As workplaces become dignitarian, rank becomes less rigid and fixed. While care must be taken not to assign it to someone lacking the necessary skill and competence, rank is likely to change on a task-by-task, or even hour-by-hour, basis. Faced with ever-shifting missions and circumstances, companies and organizations can reassign ranks to facilitate each new undertaking. There is no favoritism shown toward those temporarily serving in positions of high rank, and care is taken to protect the rights and privileges of those lower down on the totem pole." (p. 56)