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Shutt, T. B. (2005).  Monsters, Gods, and Heroes: The Epic in Literature.
"So it's a strife here, in a way, between position—between the CEO and the top salesman; between the principal and the best teacher; between Miller Huggins, the manager, and Babe Ruth, the best baseball player who ever lived; between the person who can really do it, and the person who is in charge. Those are incommensurable excellences, and then and now they often come into conflict. So here—that is the rage within the rage, the conflict within the conflict, that Homer is interested in chronicling."1
Dundon, E. (2002).  Seeds of Innovation : Cultivating the Synergy That Fosters New Ideas.
"The uncertainty surrounding one's ability to hold on to a certain position within an organization can lead to increased fear and anxiety, which, in turn, can lead to decreased job performance and the loss of creativity. If someone fears the loss of their job, they will be less likely to take risks and may attempt to hide any potential signs of weakness to avoid becoming the next candidate for downsizing. If this fear is not addressed, they may lose the passion for embracing anything new and innovative." (p. 146)

See also: rank, role

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  • Concept: position
    • preferred: position
    • definition: the particular portion of space occupied by something; "he put the lamp back in its place"
    • related: rank
    • related: role
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      • sense: place
      • sense: position
      • position
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      • gloss: the particular portion of space occupied by something; "he put the lamp back in its place"
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