Work Rage: Identify the Problems, Implement the Solutions

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Title Work Rage: Identify the Problems, Implement the Solutions
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2000
Authors Smith, G.
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Keywords control, environment, management style, productivity, rage, stress
Notes environment"Ocassionally, I encounter and organization that really does practice what it preaches, or 'walks the talk'. But I can say with great certainty that the companies that really do a lot of talking and walking are few and far between. There is a lot of talking but very little walking out there in the big wide world of management.

The potential for rage in these controlling organizations is going to be higher, and for several reasons. When you have a mentoring, coaching, and collaborative management style, employees tend more toward higher productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, and there is a happier workplace atmosphere. Conversely, when there is a domineering, controlling, or even bullying environment, the employees feel threatened, are less productive, feel highly stressed and are unhappy." (p. 53)