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Hersey, P., & Blanchard K. (1977).  Management of Organizational Behavior : Utilizing Human Resources.
"In our society today, there is almost a built-in expectation in people that physiological and safety needs will be fulfilled. In fact, most people do not generally have to worry about where their next meal will come from or whether they will be protected from the elements or physical danger. They are now more susceptible to motivation from other needs: People want to belong, be recognized as 'somebody', and have a chance to develop to their fullest potential. As William H. Haney has said:
'The managerial practice, therefore, should be geared to the subordinate's current level of maturity with the overall goal of helping him to develop, to require progressively less external control, and to gain more and more self-control. And why would a man want this? Because under these conditions he achieves satisfaction on the job at all levels, primarily the ego and self-fulfillment levels, at which he is the most motivatable.' " (p. 182)
Blanchard, K., & Bowles S. (1993).  Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service.
"A customer's vision has meaning only in the context of your own vision." (p. 52)

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