Creativity in business

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Title Creativity in business
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 1986
Authors Ray, M., & Myers R.
Publisher Doubleday
Keywords challenge, compassion, judgment
Notes judgment"People who don't understand where creatively successful individuals get their confidence and risk-taking ability don't know what you know about the devastating VOJ (Voice of Judgement). Judgement creates fear and destroys confidence. Judgement shows any alternative to be fraught with risk. Judgement says no to experimentation, discovery, trail-blazing. Judgement says 'Stay right here and like it.'" (p. 56)
compassion"Compassion in business comes in the form of being concerned about your co-workers." (p. 212)
challenge"When we ask business people what is bothering them, the answers fall almost entirely into five categories: career or purpose in life, time and stress, balancing personal and professional life, issues of money and self-worth, and bringing personal creativity into the business organization. Do they sound familiar to you? They are so pervasive that we now call them the five challenges. They must be met in order for you to have a fully creative life in business." (p. 10)