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Goleman, D., Kaufman P., & Ray M. (1993).  The Creative Spirit.
"The biggest block to living a creative life is the voice of blame and criticism within each of us: the voice of judgment, or the VOJ for short. A good way to start dealing with it is to acknowledge that you have it! Take a moment to recall a time when you had an idea and were hesitant or afraid to verbalize or act on it. Perhaps later somebody else did the very thing you had been thinking of, and you felt despondent about not having acted on your idea in the first place. The VOJ is that part of you that makes you both afraid to do something and depressed after you didn't do it.
The VOJ assumes different forms. The voice inside of you is usually the most daunting—but there is also judgement by others, including cultural judgments such as the rules of etiquette that discourage "unconventional" social behavior. Once it gets hold of you, the VOJ can lead you into a maze of negativity, including the following absurd situation. The VOJ inhibits you from doing something. Your VOJ then makes you feel depressed about your weakness of will. Next, your VOJ condemns you harshly for being depressed (it's not part of your self-image). Then, a friend comes along and chides you for both not following through on your idea and for being depressed." (p. 118)
Ray, M., & Myers R. (1986).  Creativity in business.
"People who don't understand where creatively successful individuals get their confidence and risk-taking ability don't know what you know about the devastating VOJ (Voice of Judgement). Judgement creates fear and destroys confidence. Judgement shows any alternative to be fraught with risk. Judgement says no to experimentation, discovery, trail-blazing. Judgement says 'Stay right here and like it.'" (p. 56)

See also: criticism, blame

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  • Concept: judgment
    • preferred: judgment
    • alternate: judgement
    • definition: an opinion formed by judging something; "he was reluctant to make his judgment known"; "she changed her mind"
    • related: criticism
    • related: blame
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      • sense: judgement
      • sense: judgment
      • sense: mind
      • judgment
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      • gloss: an opinion formed by judging something; "he was reluctant to make his judgment known"; "she changed her mind"
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