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Levinson, H. (1975).  Executive Stress.
"The cost of self-doubt in dollars and frustration is beyond computation. Despite their capacity for zest and spirit, uncounted numbers of people endure what they experience as dead-end traps with quiet desperation. They want to do something bigger and more exciting than what they are doing, but they are either afraid or don't know where to begin. They are trapped by barriers they cannot see and hindered by psychological glasses that distort their perception of themselves. The tragedy of having given up on themselves is that so many could use what seem to be barriers as stepping stones to gratification. Too much self-doubt blinds us to the opportunities around us. Without knowing where to start pulling oneself out of the psychological trap, even the person with considerable self-confidence has difficulty doing so." (p. 74)
Eliot, R. S., Breo D. L., & Debakey M. E. (1989).  Is It Worth Dying For?.
"Alarm and vigilance are triggered by different perceptions of events. Alarm can occur when you perceive a challenge to control; vigilance can occur when you feel a loss of control. Alarm provokes an active response, which may be felt as anger, aggression, or a heightened desire to act. Vigilance more often leads to a passive response and even, in extreme form in animals, to "playing dead." Vigilance may reflect self-doubt or a sense of failure or a feeling of invisible entrapment. Continued too long, it can translate into a common effect of stress—depression. (p. 33)"

See also: despair, weakness, self-esteem

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  • Concept: self-doubt
    • preferred: self-doubt
    • definition: lack of self-confidence
    • related: despair
    • related: weakness
    • closeMatch:
    • keyword-259
    • antonym: self-esteem
    • linked content:
      • sense: diffidence
      • sense: self-distrust
      • sense: self-doubt
      • diffidence
      • in scheme:
      • gloss: lack of self-confidence
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