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Fromm, E. (1973).  The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness.
"On the other hand, the psychic pain can be as intense or even more so than the physical. I do not need to give examples for this mental sadism. Parents inflict it on their children, professors on their students, superiors on their inferiors—in other words, it is employed in any situation where there is someone who cannot defend himself against the sadist. (If the teacher is helpless, the students often turn into sadists.) Mental sadism may be disguised in many seemingly harmless ways: a question, a smile, a confusing remark. Who does not know an 'artist' in this kind of sadism, the one who finds just the right word or the right gesture to embarass or humiliate another in this innocent way. Naturally, this kind of sadism is often all the more effective if the humiliation is inflicted in front of others." (p. 318)
Tolstoy, L. (2002).  Anna Karenina (Signet Classics).
"They were the same memories of happiness that were now lost forever, the same sense of the meaninglessness of everything that he might still hope from life, the same consciousness of his own humiliation, and all of them followed in the same sequence of of images and feelings." (p. 423)
Tivnan, E. (1995).  Moral Imagination.
"It is this imagination of what it is like to be humiliated, oppressed, or treated cruelly that can provide the bridge between us and our moral enemies. While we know when we are being treated cruelly or have been humiliated, it is not always so easy to recognize our cruelty to others, nor how such cruelty has affected their lives." (p. 257)

See also: rejection, despair, walking wounded, shame, abuse

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  • Concept: humiliation
    • preferred: humiliation
    • alternate: disgrace
    • definition: state of disgrace or loss of self-respect
    • related: rejection
    • related: despair
    • related: walking_wounded
    • broader: shame
    • broader: abuse
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    • keyword-270
    • linked content:
      • in scheme:
      • gloss: state of disgrace or loss of self-respect
      • hyponym of:
      • sense: humiliation
      • synset id: 114440488
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