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Hort, B. E. (1996).  Unholy Hungers : Encountering the Psychic Vampire in Ourselves and Others.
"We, too, try to emulate the gods, but unlike the Greeks, we seem dangerously ignorant of the peril of hubris. Not that we blindly aspire to godhood from stupidity or arrogance; rather, we aspire to godhood because the modern demigods we revere are themselves mortal, so we quite reasonably feel their enviable fate might just as well be our own. What's more, celebrity in our culture is supposed to be available to all who have the guts to seek it, which implies that those who do not attain it are somehow deficient in the skills of self-reinvention"

See also: control, importance, overmanagement

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  • Concept: hubris
    • preferred: hubris
    • definition: overbearing pride or presumption
    • related: control
    • related: importance
    • related: overmanagement
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      • gloss: overbearing pride or presumption
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      • sense: hubris
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