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Fishman, K. D. (1982).  The Computer Establishment.
"Computing is a technology with many paths to follow; at each fork there is vigorous dissension among the brightest practitioners. We need to preserve that dissension, to offer scientists and businessmen a reasonable chance to pursue whatever goal seems promising and customers the greatest possible opportunity to choose their supplier." (p. 408)
Bennis, W. G. (1999).  Old Dogs, New Tricks: On Creativity and Collaboration.
"The lack of candor is one of the biggest tragedies in organizations because we don't speak truth to power. And so people who know the truth don't speak the truth where it would help. In my own study, I discovered that seven out of ten people will not speak up even if they know that what their boss is going to do is going to get him and the company in trouble. They will not be candid. They are not encouraged to speak up—they see dissenters being punished, not rewarded, and so the truth never gets out. There is no incentive for speaking up." (p. 34)
Peters, T. J. (1994).  The pursuit of wow!: every person's guide to topsy-turvy times.
"Unfortunately many corporations have not learned the lessons our Founding Fathers knew so well—and have suffered mightily by stifling dissent and encouraging blind (and bland) subservience." (p. 178)

See also: questioning, conformity

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  • Concept: dissent
    • preferred: dissent
    • alternate: dissension
    • definition: a difference of opinion
    • related: questioning
    • closeMatch:
    • keyword-252
    • antonym: conformity
    • linked content:
      • in scheme:
      • gloss: a difference of opinion
      • hyponym of:
      • sense: dissent
      • synset id: 107181358
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