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Zuboff, S. (1988).  In the Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power.
"Techniques of control in the workplace became increasingly important as the body became the central problem of production. The early industrial employers needed to regulate, direct, constrain, anchor, and channel bodily energies for the purposes of sustained, often repetitive, productive activity. Still struggling to establish their legitimate authority, they invented techniques designed to control the laboring body. The French historian Michel Foucault has argued that these new techniques of industrial management laid the groundwork for a new kind of society, a 'disciplinary society', one in which bodily discipline, regulation, and surveillance are taken for granted." (p. 319)

See also: objectification, punishment, panopticism, power

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  • Concept: discipline
    • preferred: discipline
    • definition: the trait of being well behaved; "he insisted on discipline among the troops"
    • related: objectification
    • related: punishment
    • related: panopticism
    • related: power
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      • gloss: the trait of being well behaved; "he insisted on discipline among the troops"
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      • sense: discipline
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