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Maxwell, J. C. (2000).  Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success.
"Why are people so hesitant to change? I believe that some, like Audubon, believe they are supposed to pursue a particular course of action for some reason—even though it doesn't suit their gifts and talents. And when they are not working in areas of strength, they do poorly." (p. 91)
Lauer, C. (2008).  The Management Gurus: lessons from the best management books of all time. (John C. Maxwell, Ed.).
"Finally, the traditional hierarchy—the pyramid structure of almost all organizations—has to be discarded. The traditional top-down method of leadership is wasteful and ineffective because a company's need to innovate continues to conflict with shared assumptions about loyalty and unquestioning obedience. This situation must change." (p. 269)

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