Work to Live

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Title Work to Live
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2003
Authors Robinson, J.
Publisher Perigee Trade
Keywords busyness, fear, flexibility, goals, meaning, productivity, ROWE, technology
Notes busyness"We fear the silence of time not filled, the questions and self-judgment that may come up when we're not completely consumed with work or other distractions. Yet it's precisely the ability to stop and still your mind long enough to figure out what you need in life and whether your current course is getting you there that allows you to reach your goals. It frees you from the external noise to find out what a meaningful life is for you. Otherwise, you're running blind on somebody else's track, where busyness and productivity substitute for what's missing inside, peace of mind, which can only be generated within that same mind." (p. 141)
Hours for the real world bring real results to work, home, and community.

We have to start making work schedules accommodate the obligations of real lives. Parents with full-time careers 'can't have any sort of family life,' says Penn State Economist Robert Drago, a work-family expert. The solution lies in more flexible hours through alternative schedules such as telecommuting. We already have the tools to move in this direction. Technology makes it possible to do more in less time and work from any number of locations besides under somebody's nose. Managers have to give up control over employee time, because in the knowledge economy, it's no longer relevant. You can't watch what's going on in someone's skull. In return, sane managers get higher productivity, retention, morale, efficiency, and cost savings." (p 298)