A Preliminary Investigation of Factors Associated With Job Loss Grief

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Title A Preliminary Investigation of Factors Associated With Job Loss Grief
Publication Type Journal Article
Pub Year 2004
Authors Brewington, J. O., Nassar-McMillan S. C., Flowers C. P., & Furr S. R.
Journal Career Development Quarterly
Volume 53
Issue 1
Pagination 78 - 83
Date Published 2004
ISBN Number 08894019
Keywords job loss

This study investigated relationships among factors hypothesized as related to job loss grief. A summary grief score correlated positively with time since job loss and number of dependents, and negatively with length of notice. Perceived reemployment prospects and income loss related positively to some grief index subscales, as did the condition of living on one's own. Job duration correlated negatively with some grief responsed. Implications for counseling and avenues for future research are discussed.

Notes job loss"Involuntary job loss has far-reaching effects on the well-being of individuals and families (Bejian & Salomone, 1995; Leana & Feldman, 1994; Turner, Kessler, & House, 1991; Vinokur, Price, & Caplan, 1996). Job loss can result in loss of identity, social contacts, and self-worth (Amundson & Borgen, 1992; Beehr, 1995). Coupled with economic loss, the emotional toll can be devastating."
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