Mental Disorder, Work Disability, and the Law

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Title Mental Disorder, Work Disability, and the Law
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 1996
Authors Bonnie, R. J., & Monahan J.
Publisher University of Chicago Press
Keywords accommodation, depression, flexibility, individuality, self-esteem
Notes accommodation"Many mental health advocates and experts note the parallel between useful accommodations for people with psychiatric disabilities, such as workplace flexibility and an individualized approach to management, and good management practices that would benefit any worker. They assert that adjustments of job demands to the temperament, sensitivities, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of a valued employee occur frequently." (p. 268)
self-esteem"Kavka argues, correctly I believe, that working has a fundamental impact on self-esteem, especially in cultures like ours that attach so many other rewards to work." (p. 288)