Enlightened Leadership : Getting to the Heart of Change

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Title Enlightened Leadership : Getting to the Heart of Change
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 1994
Authors Oakley, E., & Krug D.
Publisher Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Keywords power, psychic prison, risk, tradition
Notes psychic prison"When playing the corporate game of seeing who acquires more power, who is most right, who has the best ideas, and who is going to look the best, we become reluctant to take the risk of having people do anything outside of our direct control. Therefore, we become hesitant to delegate responsibility, and stifle the creativity and effectiveness of our people. We also become less likely to take risks ourselves and tend to rely on the perceived safety of the 'way we've always done it around here.' We seek the comfort of the established methods, policies, and procedures. We lock ourselves in our own boxes." (p. 218)
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