Andy Grove to CDU: Why Are You Looking at Me?

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Title Andy Grove to CDU: Why Are You Looking at Me?
Publication Type Miscellaneous
Pub Year 2000
Authors Rosenfeld, J.
Keywords competition

Consultant Debunking Unit

Notes competition"This false notion suggests that you get better outcomes by eliminating the weaker member of a group. That is supported by another Darwinian misreading: Only the strong survive, and the outcome will be better if you have people of first-rate strength. These assumptions have become the foundation of growth, progress, and capitalism: stronger, better, more. But they are not part of Darwinism. Darwin's insight was that competition can lead to all sorts of new ecological niches. If predators are devouring animals (like you) during the day, you might become nocturnal. If predators are becoming stronger or larger, you could become smaller, more mobile, or less visible. There is nothing vengeful or vindictive about Darwinian theory. Invoking Darwin to justify cutthroat behaviors is wrong."