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Wexley, K. N., & Latham G. P. (1991).  Developing and Training Human Resources in Organizations (2nd Edition).
"Despite its wide use, punishment can have unfortunate side effects. First, there is a high probability that the response will be reduced only when the punishment agent is present....Second, punishment may result in avoidance, hostility, or even counteragression toward the punishing agent." (p. 235)
McGregor, D. (1967).  The Professional Manager.
"The manager whose conception of cause and effect in human behavior is mechanical must rely on the 'orneriness' of human nature for an explanation of the many forms of indifference or resistance to managerial influence. The only way he can conceive of to counteract them is to increase the threat of extrinsic punishment (which often aggravates the symptoms he is trying to eliminate)."1 (p. 15)
  • 1. "Increasing the threat of extrinsic punishment" reminded me of this widely circulated humorous quote of unknown origin:
    "The beatings will continue until morale improves."
Shorris, E. (1984).  Scenes from Corporate.
"Punishments in business rarely have to do with performance. In the now famous Ford/Iacocca story, Ford is reputed to have told Iacocca that he just didn't like him. Ford suffers the bluntness of befuddled kings, but his comment describes the situation throughout business and government: careers rise and fall on such irrational judgements." (p. 298)

See also: anger, blame, discipline, shame, retribution, shunning

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  • Concept: punishment
    • preferred: punishment
    • definition: the act of punishing
    • related: anger
    • related: blame
    • related: discipline
    • related: shame
    • related: retribution
    • related: shunning
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      • sense: penalisation
      • sense: penalization
      • sense: penalty
      • sense: punishment
      • punishment
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      • gloss: the act of punishing
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