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Freiberg, J., & Peters T. J. (1998).  Nuts! : Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success.
Do you ever wonder how little kids learn? They try things. Their curiosity is uninhibited. Free from the constraints of a 'We've always done it this way' or 'It'll never work' kind of world, they get great joy out of putting the wheels of exploration and experimentation in motion. Their minds are free to wander. Totally enthralled, they exhibit a refreshing sense of wonder while they learn." (p. 113)
Dundon, E. (2002).  Seeds of Innovation : Cultivating the Synergy That Fosters New Ideas.
"Without curiosity, a person has great difficulty discovering new ideas. Being curious involves (a) having an open mind, (b) gaining a broader perspective. and (c) asking probing questions." (p. 29)

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  • Concept: curiosity
    • preferred: curiosity
    • definition: a state in which you want to learn more about something
    • related: learning
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      • sense: curiosity
      • sense: wonder
      • curiosity
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      • gloss: a state in which you want to learn more about something
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