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Buckingham, M., & Coffman C. (1999).  First, break all the rules: what the world's greatest managers do differently.
"As we shall discuss...the best managers are adept at spotting a glimpse of talent in someone and then repositioning him so he can play to that talent more effectively." (p. 83)

See also: gifts

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Concept Scheme: business culture/management vocabulary

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  • Concept: talent
    • preferred: talent
    • definition: natural abilities or qualities
    • related: gifts
    • closeMatch:
    • keyword-113
    • linked content:
      • sense: endowment
      • sense: gift
      • sense: natural endowment
      • sense: talent
      • endowment
      • in scheme:
      • gloss: natural abilities or qualities
      • hyponym of:
      • synset id: 105624042
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