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Hawken, P. (1988).  Growing a business.
"Like canny investors, employees know exactly how much of themselves they will invest in a given work situation before they feel taken for granted or ripped off. For pragmatic reasons of productivity and employee satisfaction, if for no other reason, I advise employee ownership. Nevertheless, it is not a panacea. lf it is instituted as a 'technique,' it has no meaning and can backfire. There is no point in sharing equity if it does not stem from your sense of fairness. If you are not a fair person, don't fake it. Employees resent hypocrisy more than greed.
Fairness is something people feel. You cannot fool workers with fancy titles, by calling people 'associates' or holding pep rallies, or by convoluted profit-sharing schemes that vest on the seventieth birthday. So often in business literature the question comes up as to what is the best way to treat your employees. It is a question with no meaning. The question you should always ask is what do you think of your employees. What you think about the people you work with will decide how you treat them, and will determine how you structure your company." (p. 114)

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