When Corporations Rule the World

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Title When Corporations Rule the World
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2001
Authors Korten, D. C.
Publisher Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Keywords authoritarianism, ethics, growth, objectification
Notes objectification, growth"Human well-being will never be secured by the kind of economic growth demanded by a rogue financial system that values people, planet, and the civilizing bonds of culture and community only for their current market price. It comes down to a question of how we want to live. If we want societies that value life more than money, we must re-create our institutions accordingly." (p. 229)
authoritarianism"It is far from incidental that, in its internal governance structures, the corporation is among the most authoritarian of organizations and can be as repressive as any totalitarian state. Those who work for corporations spend the better portion of their waking hours living under a rule that dictates their dress, their speech, their values, their behavior, and their levels of income--with limited opportunity for appeal. With few exceptions, the corporation's employees can be dismissed without recourse on almost momentary notice. The current 'lean and mean' transformation of the corporation seeks to extend this authoritarian rule beyond the boundaries of the corporation itself over far larger networks of organizations in ways that allow the corporation to consolidate its control while reducing its responsibility for the well-being of any member of the network." (p. 211)