Power freaks: dealing with them in the workplace or anyplace

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Title Power freaks: dealing with them in the workplace or anyplace
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 2002
Authors Weiner, D. L.
Publisher Prometheus Books
Keywords accommodation, domination
Notes domination"The primitive brain mechanism drives us into creating hierarchies, an essential for primitive tribal organization and survival. It confers on some of us today an innate need to dominate others in situations where we might also understand rationally that cooperation would make better sense than domination." (p. 44) accommodation"Many years ago, we had a retiree who came back to work for us after his wife passed away. He only wanted to come in the office three times a week, for half days, which was fine with us. At the time, we had a window office available temporarily, so we put him there. A few months later we needed the office and so on his day off, we moved him to a nearby office across the hall. It never dawned on us that he would be offended, because of the few hours he put in every week and the fact that he was just happy to have a place to hang his hat. But he became so depressed when he saw where his desk was now that he could hardly speak to any of us. Worse, he couldn't get any work done. He told me over lunch that he hadn't felt such pain since his wife passed away and that he was actually embarrassed about it. Finally, we moved him back to a window office and he was fine." (p. 250)
URL http://books.google.com/books?id=UIkEAAAACAAJ