The OK Boss

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Title The OK Boss
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 1977
Authors James, M.
Publisher Bantam Books
Keywords authoritarian character, encouragement
Notes encouragement"[Good bosses] know that everyone needs strokes. Some people need more strokes of a certain kind than others. Without these particular strokes, they tend to shrivel up in some way. Their work may go sour, their ideas may become less creative, they may be absent more often, and their errors and poor decisions may increase." (p. 78)
authoritarian character"From their not-OK side, Critics become Dictators; nagging, repressive, or opinionated parent-type bosses who insist things go their way. Critical Dictators are seldom open to new ideas or new procedures. 'That's the way it's always been and that's the way it's going to be,' claims this type of boss." (p. 6)