Letters and papers from prison

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Title Letters and papers from prison
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 1962
Authors Bonhoeffer, D.
Series Editor Bethge, E.
Publisher Macmillan
Keywords deception, openness
Notes openness"We have been the silent witnesses of evil deeds. Many storms have gone over our heads. We have learned the art of deception and of equivocal speech. Experience has made us suspicious of others, and prevented us from being open and frank. Bitter conflicts have made us weary and even cynical. Are we still serviceable? It is not the genius that we shall need, not the misanthropist, not the adroit tactician, but honest, straightforward men. Will our spiritual reserves prove adequate and our candor with ourselves remorseless enough to enable us to find our way back again to simplicity and straightforwardness?" (p. 34)
URL http://books.google.com/books?id=u94HAAAAMAAJ