The Customer Comes Second

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Title The Customer Comes Second
Publication Type Book
Pub Year 1994
Authors Rosenbluth, H.
Publisher Harper Perennial
Keywords creativity, environment, ideas, innovation
Notes ideas"Everybody has ideas, some better than others. But they live in people's minds. They need to be brought out, refined, tested, and implemented. Ideas are the lifeblood of a company. The weave the fabric of its future, but they're fragile.

"Ideas come to the curious--those who ask, "What would improve our lives?" But ideas have to be nurtured and cultivated. The stifling of ideas starts when we're young and told, "Just do it and don't ask why," or "That's just the way it is." Creativity and innovation aren't emphasized enough in our schools, homes, or professional lives, but people who seek these gifts can and will find them in the right environment." (p. 156)