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Handy, C. (1998).  The Age of Unreason.
"Leisure, if we think about it, is only true leisure if it is part of a portfolio, not the whole of it. The idea of a 'leisure society', with whole blocks of people with nothing to do except enjoy themselves, is to me a vison of hell, not of heaven. The best form of leisure is nearly always active leisure, or work of a sort. The point is that the activity is of our choice, in our time and under our control. When we have had enough of it, we can stop." (p. 208)
D'Souza, D. (2000).  The Virtue of Prosperity : finding values in an age of techno-affluence.
"We think of leisure as 'not working', but in the economic literature is more precisely defined as 'doing what you want to do.' Rich people frequently find their jobs challenging and interesting, and so they would prefer to put in overtime at the office rather than sit at a beach sipping margaritas. If you're a welder or a longshoreman, sitting on a beach seems like a wonderful respite from the grime and ardor of your everyday existence; but if you're a scientist or an inventor pursuing a new discovery, an entrepreneur building a new business, an acclaimed singer or athlete, or a successful author completing a magnum opus, lounging on the sand in the middle of nowhere can seem like an awful waste of time." (p. 82)

See also: time, work-life integration, play, work-life balance

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  • Concept: leisure
    • preferred: leisure
    • definition: time available for ease and relaxation; "his job left him little leisure"
    • related: time
    • related: work-life_integration
    • related: play
    • related: work-life_balance
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      • sense: leisure
      • sense: leisure time
      • leisure
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      • gloss: time available for ease and relaxation; "his job left him little leisure"
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