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Shafritz, J. M., & Hyde A. C. (1987).  Classics of Public Administration.
"Taylor, generally considered the 'father of scientific management', pioneered the development of time and motion studies. Today, scientific management is frequently referred to as pseudo-scientific management because of its conceptualization of people as merely extensions of machines—as human interchangeable parts of a large impersonal production machine." (p. 3)
Hodson, R., & Sullivan T. A. (1995).  Social Organization of Work.
"Scientific management and technical control, because they treat the worker like a machine or an animal, deny the humanity of workers. These systems of organizing work thus do not reap the benefits of workers' enthusiastic participation and may generate many unanticipated consequences as well." (p. 192)

See also: neo-Taylorism, objectification, management system

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