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Adams, J. L. (1978).  Conceptual blockbusting : a pleasurable guide to better problem solving.
"One of the most important capabilities in a creative person is a questioning attitude...necessary in the broadest sense to motivate conceptualization. If you accept the status quo unquestioningly, you will have no reason to innovate. You will not be able to see needs and problems, and problem-sensitivity is one of the more important qualities of the creative person. Once the problem is sensed, the questioning attitude must be used continually to ensure a creative solution. A creative person should have a healthy skepticism about existing answers, techniques, and approaches." (p. 104)
Capozzi, J. M. (1994).  Why Climb the Corporate Ladder when You Can Take the Elevator? : 500 Secrets for Success in Business.
"Many corporations encourage independent thinking right up until the day they fire you for it." (p. 382)
Barell, J. (2003).  Developing More Curious Minds.
"[Colleen Rowley replied to the Senate Judiciary Committee], 'I go back to the "don't rock the boat, don't ask a question" problem.' Any question, she said, might be perceived as a 'complaint', or 'as a challenge to somebody higher up and they get mad or whatever' (Excerpts...,2002)." ...
"People who ask 'hard questions' too often have been fired because of their challenges to accustomed ways of thinking and doing business." (p. 6)
Fuller, R. W. (2006).  All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity.
"A fundamental characteristic of a healthy work culture is that everyone, regardless of rank, exhibits a questioning attitude. The freedom to challenge any action, any condition, and any assertion cannot be maintained in an environment laced with rankism. Only by continually demonstrating respect for all opinions and those who hold them will an environment be maintained in which a spirit of inquiry can thrive." (p. 54)

See also: ethics, retribution, dissent

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  • Concept: questioning
    • preferred: questioning
    • alternate: challenge to
    • alternate: challenging to
    • definition: place in doubt or express doubtful speculation; "I wonder whether this was the right thing to do"; "she wondered whether it would snow tonight"
    • related: ethics
    • related: retribution
    • related: dissent
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    • keyword-170
    • linked content:
      • sense: question
      • sense: wonder
      • wonder
      • in scheme:
      • gloss: place in doubt or express doubtful speculation; "I wonder whether this was the right thing to do"; "she wondered whether it would snow tonight"
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      • synset id: 200925110
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