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Yalom, I. D. (1995).  The theory and practice of group psychotherapy.
"In their classic research on three different styles of leadership, White and Lippit noted that a group is more likely to develop disruptive in-group and out-group factions under an authoritarian, restrictive style of leadership. Group members, unable to express their anger and frustration directly to the leader, release these feelings obliquely by binding together and mobbing or scapegoating one or more of the other members." (p. 330)
Yankelovich, D. (1999).  The Magic of Dialogue: Transforming Conflict into Cooperation.
"In traditional hierarchical arrangements, those at the top of the pecking order can afford to be casual about how well they understand those at lower levels. But when people are more equal, they are obliged to make a greater effort to understand each other. If no one is the undisputed boss anymore, and if all insist on having their views respected, it follows that people must understand each other." (p. 18)
Yates, M. D. (2015).  The Growing Degradation of Work and Life, and What We Might Do to End It. Abstract
"Corporations have used all of the control mechanisms at hand, techniques that have become both more sophisticated and punishing, to get fewer workers to convert ever more of their labor power into actual effort. This is true not just for manufacturing concerns like auto companies, which pioneered modern Taylorism, but by all private businesses (and public sector establishments such as colleges and the Social Security Administration), including especially today those in the service sector."
Yourdon, E. (1993).  Decline and Fall of the American Programmer.
As DeMarco and Lister [12] argue,
"There is nothing more discouraging to any worker than the sense that his own motivation is inadequate and has to be 'supplemented' by that of the boss." (p. 62)

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